The Weird Blend of Apolitical Denial and Shameless Propaganda at the Oscars – The Nation (Plus Video)

A good article about how terrible Seth MacFarlane is and how there was absolutely no mention of the protesters outside who worked on Life of Pi (which I guess I should see).

Well, it was a weird, weird Oscars. Seth MacFarlane hosted the awards ceremony, so as expected there was a deluge of sexist, racist and homophobic jokes, some (most?) of which fell painfully flat. Also as expected, the ceremony dragged on for an eternity in a parade of self-congratulatory dribble about how the Academy is really concerned about encouraging diversity—look! they recruited youngins from the outside world to carry the awards!—while the Academy remains nearly 94 percent white and 77 percent male, and nearly all the films nominated were made by white men, starring white casts.

Gawker has a video of all the terrible jokes.

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