Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 8

Here it is… the last turn.

Germany: Turn 8

When we last left our Germany Army Soccer team playing the 5-4-1 defense, well.. Look up.

This is the south

Losowaya must be protected at all cost, and honestly, it will be. The soviets didn’t make any good moves to fortify it and i’m going to break their backs here for my minor victory.

But first, lets look at the causalities.

This is what I like about grognard games. When you’re playing an RTS or normal strategy game, they’re just units. I don’t know if its just me, but I really do get frustrated when I lose a unit in these types of games. It really does put the idea of war in perspective for me. Because of my incompetence, 34600+ men are dead under my command. It also makes you think about the other side. Under my orders, I have killed 41900 men.

And i’m going to kill more. Like I said, this is presents a different perspective on video games for me, which is why I became such a grognard addict. It made me read a lot of history, and I sorta do care about my little digital dudes.

Anyway, rant over. Lets finish this up.

I put more units in the town and set up to take out that stack that really wants to connect for supplies. It’s not happening. under my watch.

There’s not much left to do in the South. I make attacks to push them away from the town. It is secured. I am sure of it. I’m a little sad that I was so close to Izium. Oh well. Next time.

In the middle I bomb the cut off tanks just in case, and move around more units for defense.

Up north I let the men rest. No more deaths. They entrench and relax. We have won. It was bloody but we have won. Oberst Heyhellowhatsnew has seen enough bloodshed this past week.

This is the map at the end of the turn:

This is the map of the end of the Soviets turn:

They throw everything they can at me… all in vain.

This is our death toll. Rest in Piece, friends and foes.

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