Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 6

Germany Turn 6:

When we last left Colonel Wilhelm Klink and the gang, this was the map:

The major problem lied here:

With the 44th encircled.

After taking a couple of days off to clear my mind, I realize the overall situation isn’t so bad. The only group that stands in the way between the 44th and my units are

So, we’re going to soften them up a bit with an Air bombardment meant to hurt infantry (See i’m learning y’all!)

Now to remember which one kills all their mans

For future reference and for people newer to the game myself and for future reference to myself:

Fighters are best used for recon, attacking enemy airfields and escorting bombers and dive bombers. Aka these guys, their icon is JG:

Dive bombers are for artillery and tanks. Aka these guys, their icons are StG and SchG:

Level bombers are for infantry and other soft targets. Aka these guys, their icons are KG:

What do StG, SchG, JG, and KG stand for? Don’t ask me, i’m an American, I was taught that only the US beat the Nazis! And we did in the battle of Pearl Harbor too!

Anyway, since this is an important mission, we’ll have fighter escort our level bombers, aka KGs (Do wait I do, use mnemonics.. KG stands for Kill Guys, because thats what they do, get it?!) and JGs (Jumping Grapes… I couldn’t think of anything better).

Lets hope this works

So it kinda did? Maybe? There is an airfield somewhere I don’t know where but as soon as I find it I am going to make it into a crater.

These jerks still have a high level of entrenchment so i’m going to arty them too. I hope all artillery is the same unlike planes. I mean it would make sense right? Giant explosion boom, no more cover.

Then again, I used to think that fighter planes could mow down infantry because all my education came from hollywood movies.

Prepare the bombardment!

Yahooo! Entrenchment is down to single digits and its time to liberate our boys in the 44th

Godspeed, gentlemen:


Sorry i couldn’t capture the battlescreen, I was too excited. DC:CB

Ok, now for Operation Get the Eff out of that spearhead.

Unfortunately, Operation GTFO is stymied by a disease called lack of movement points. I do strategic transfers for some of the 44th. We’re not out of the woods yet as this spearhead is still surrounded by nasty Russians just waiting to kill us.

As so we must think of a good defensive plan that combines making sure the 44th still has an exit route, but a way to give the soviets a punch in the nose so they think twice about attacking that lone unit… hmm

I decide that i will take out the 270th and the AT unit, and then move my 297th to secure the area around Chugulev, since they have very big angry stacks there and we need to form up some sort of line again to protect the city.

Arty the 270th:



There was a tank division that was near the town (the 24th) that bothered me. I decided to punch their nose a bit.

But they had flak

Anywho, after a bunch of movements, this is what we end up with:

Note that I think this line is shaky at best. I even tried to blow the bridge to town. I failed. *shakes fist at Schultz*

Now onto the south, or what I like to call, feel good time for me because I get to attack and kill and drink out of soviet skulls for what they did to me in the middle

The first attack I make is against the 335th. The idea being that I want to encircle Izium and take the Donetz.

The 384th does its job and we move up. What I really WANTED to do was block that rail line, but alas, movement points.

Next up we’re going to tighten these lines up.. Dear god what was I thinking when i first started this scenario.

Anyway, we’re now going to attack the 3/3 regiment of the 333rd. That was the 2/3 regiment or whatever is encircled and can be ignored.

Arty party! (not shown, took the wrong pic)


They panic because they see my bulging muscles Everything is going according to plan (I make these plans up on the fly, which is why i’m the worst general.)

Lets move up a bit:

And then attack some more.

I am going to attack the 106 because it provides favorable panzer ground as opposed to their 333rd since its mountainous.

We end up with something like this in the South. This is fine. Izium will soon be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Now up north. I don’t even know what the Soviets are doing up North.. which probably means I should recon next turn.

They abandoned their positions, to help with the middle and south.. I think. All i’m going to do here is move around a bit

And with that, the movement is done.

Here is the map at the end of my turn

Here is the map at the end of the Soviets turn:

Fun fact: I don’t think i’ve ever had a turn after the soviets have gone when I don’t say “Goddammit”

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