Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 5

Turn 5 Germany:

Obviously i’m annoyed that the soviets were able to accomplish those two counteroffensives despite the terrible weather. The most important thing is to save the 44th.

But how?

I decide that breaking a line through their 248th is the best way to get the 44th out of trouble, or at least some support.

I start off with my fighters to attack the airfields of Balakleja.

I forget to screen the cap but there are no fighters to intercept me, I cause some casualties for the soviets.

Next we’re going to arty the first 248th and then bomb them

Arty did good, now for the air pain

Nothing really. But now we are ready to attack.

For some reason, despite me moving two panzer divisions into the area, only one unit can attack. Great.

Luckily we win. Now onto the other 248th.

There are no arty units in the area, but we use our last bombers. Not a lot of damage.

I am going to go through my HQ units to play an offensive card. It is crucial we win this to free the 44th.

Again i’m annoyed that only the 44th can attack. I am very worried. Lets cross our fingers.

We lose. I’m too annoyed and forget the screen cap.

The other plan was to use the 113th to sweep around and save them. So.. lets try that

We win and now we must move units to occupy the hex

Unfortunately this is the furthest we can go. I can only pray the 44th survives just one more turn so we can save them.

I turn to the south to avenge my fallen brothers

We are going to destroy their 33rd.

The attack is successful and they retreat

Now its time for 335th unit to die

They do. And now the last 333rd unit over the town.

“For Frodo” (Frodo was a favorite soldier in the 44th)

We run out of AP. They still have the hex. Notice when i’m annoyed at losing I forget to take the screencap. Heh.

This is the South after some movement and an poorly thought out attack out of frustration at 333rd

Onto the north

I am going to attack the 169th.

The bombardment goes well.

Now onto the ground attack


At this point i’m in gives no fucks mode. You can tell because i’m getting irritated and want to kill everything. I’m not thinking straight. Which is another reason why to just play one turn a day when you’re just starting out.

I am going to attack the 244th

It’s a draw. I’m playing sloppy and I know it. I could have played a card to have a better turn out. Grr. Everyone please learn from my stupid mistakes.

I get more aggressive. I want to attack the 2nd. I want revenge.

I make some more dumb attacks and this is what we end up with in the middle. I am done with the turn. I need to stop playing angry and frustrated.

This is the map at the end of my turn:

This is the map at the end of the Soviet turn:

The Soviets have countered my counter-offensive to their counter-offensive.

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