Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 2

Where we last left our Nazi heroes:

They were threatened by the giant Soviet doom stack consisting of the 21st and 270th in the middle making its way seemingly towards Krasnograd.

In fact, the whole middle looks like it may explode with Red forces any minute. I need to think of something and quick.

So I decide on bombing and attacking the 270th to cut off the 21st tank division

I barely win.. phew

I move the 23rd and 3rd down to the middle for support.

I also move down the security forces from OKH to protect the HQ at Krasnograd

Onto the south:

As you can see, the 100th, 60th, 97th, and 384th are about to put a boot in that ass (I hope, i’m getting cocky and that is probably bad)

I start with the 100th

Arty bombed and attacked

Yup, too cocky

After the failed attack, I decide that i’ll use the 100th to attack the 333rd and the 97th to attack the 335th

Here is the result:

The 100th lost, but the 60th pushed back the 51. I make some movements up north because I plan on taking the town next. I hope.

Onto the next front:

The 226th, you hex, give it to me.

The attack is successful and we end up with this after moving some units around

I play some entrench cards as well. This is the map before I pass the turn:

And this is it after I pass the turn.

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