Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 1 Part 2

Alright I am back with part 2 of turn 1. I will deal with the south first

I see that the 51st is the weakest link. Plus it has a road and a railroad, so I am thinking if I cut them off there I can disrupt something at least. I will attack them.

From the forums and AARs i’ve read, as always, Arty and Air first before attack.

I should point out that I don’t know what those little numbers mean by the way, if someone could tell me i’d greatly appreciate it (They are unit integrity, which means something like unit strength)

The bombing is done and I remember players using cards, so I will have Mackensen take charge of a unit for a spirited attack. Vic (Lead developer) by the way if you ever read this, can you put in a button that lets you review the battles that have taken place on your turn just to see them? Like a history button? Thanks <3

Ok the card is played and we will attack

Only one group can attack and I don’t know why but here we go

Luckily I win.

Here is where I screw up a lot in this game, movement. As you see I messed up and now the 51st can do whatever

As you see from my previous screenshot, i moved the up the 14th and now I attack again, I am trying to encircle them or at least cut their line in half. I dunno. I’m the worst general ever.

I win and split the 14th up to encircle or at least screw up their southern line. I think this is a tactic!

I also eye their 106th

And just tell myself, you know what. They are weak there. why not. I think i’m being to aggressive. But I want to slow them down somehow.

I miss the screenshot but I end up out of AP (Action Points which are required to move and attack) and retreat.

I think i’ll leave the south alone. Time to do something up north.

As we go north, I see the Soviets have the advantage.

So I will just move the 44th down and wait for their 124th to abuse me on their turn.

I am boned here and I know it. So I will prepare my defenses as best as I can

I move up the various units and use my HQ cards to entrench. I hope this works

This is the map before I pass the turn:

I pass the turn and here is what the Soviets do

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