Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue AAR Intro

Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue is a game made by VR Designs and published by Matrix Games. This type of game is considered a grognard game, meaning its a very complicated war/strategy game. I got into this genre starting with Battle Academy, which is a good intro grognard game. I’ve always loved strategy games and I wanted something deeper.

And with Case Blue, I got it.

So here is what this game is about: Case Blue which was later renamed Operation Braunschweig was the German Forces’ name for its plan for the 1942 strategic summer offensive in southern Russia between June 28 to November 1942.

The game has 8 scenarios: Case Blue (short or long), Operation Uranus (Short or long), Voronzeh, Trappenjagd, a linked scenario campaign with the 1st Panzer Army and 2nd Kharkov.

This AAR is from the 2nd Kharkov scenario. Which is the one that is recommended to play after reading the 200 page manual and doing the terrible tutorial.

This is what the game looks like:

For the sake of simplicity. Infantry are Squares with X’s and Ovals are tank divisions. The game uses Nato symbols.

Anyway, this is my AAR for Decisive Campaigns: Case Blue, 2nd Kharkov Scenario.



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