Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 4

Where we last left our totally not evil german heroes

We are told its snowing and raining heavily this round, thus, limited movements. Which is good since I can re-arrange (a little) my units based on suggestions given by you lovely people. But bad because I WANT TO ATTACK DEATH TO ALL COMMUNISTS..


So, we start with a very, very, very thorough examination of our map so move our units into the best position as possible to continue to push next turn.

By the way, here are the causalities so far


As a babby grognard I say this is great! I killed more than they killed me. But I know deep down inside I could have done better. There are many notes for me to write to German parents back home that due to the leadership of General Heyhellowhatsnew, their child died because he was ordered to attack up a hill with a wrench for the glory of the Reich.

Anyway, back to the map. Lets start with out HQs and see how far they are from our front so they can maximize smashing for our units.

Since this is primarily no combat turn, I will just show you the movements I made:

In this image, You can see I moved the HQ units up and tried to reposition the units close to the link (namely the 389th) to prepare for their attack next turn (weather permitting)

Again, I move my HQ units closer to the link, as well as move my panzers closer to the bridgehead the 44th currently holds. You can also see that I reconed quite a bit this turn to see what is ahead. It only appears to be one line of defense which is great.

I plan on bombing Izium as instructed to get rid of their Soviet airforce next turn.

This last turn again shows me moving up the HQs and repositioning units to take the town next turn. I save my commander points so that they can use offensive cards next turn. I want to break the Soviets back on turn 5. I have had enough of them…

In fact:

From this picture, I might be able to do a pincer move that cuts off the soviets’ front in the middle. That’s a long term goal if all goes well. But it ends with the 60th and 44th to meet in the middle and high five each other.

This is the map at the end of my turn:

This is the map after the Soviets move:

They cut off my bridgehead on the 44th and breakthrough the line up north. Sigh

Goddammit why did they get good attacks during a SNOW AND RAINFALL TURN

Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 3

Turn 3 for Germany:

When we last left our incompetent heroes:

The Soviets broke through our line because I left a gap open. Don’t do that. Don’t be an idiot like me please.

Now Walther Heitz,the HQ of the 6th army and Krasnograd are in big trouble. We must resolve this first.

There are 25 soviet tanks and 1400 cavalry units surrounding the HQ so far.

I move the security forces back onto the HQ hex and move the 105th to the 2nd’s flank.

Now I need to decide which is the greater threat. It’s the tanks imho. So lets bomb them.

There are no artillery units nearby, so we can only use planes. Great.

I also split up the 3rd to make a new line so the soviets can’t break through north

The idea is to destroy the tank division and cut off their 2nd and use the 213th security forces to stop their advance..

Ok here we go.. Attack tank time.

Phew, they are broken

The end result is a new line that is created to block any advance. Heitz uses an entrench card to make it harder for them to break through hopefully when the soviets play their turn.

Now onto the parts of my plan that I think are actually working

The Soviets really didn’t do much on the bottom, so now it’s time for me to take Barenkowo.

Arty and Air do its job and now its time to attack

Wootles! We win

Now time to re position are troops

I think long and hard on this. I want the Donetz, but I don’t want to leave Slawj exposed. I’m thinking of whether or not to be patient :/

But before I decide on that for this turn, there was another Soviet break through the line

Same thing, Arty and Air. Now the attack

Another win! They are defeated. Now to reinforce that line.

There’s not much I can do than this. Walther von-gibbergabber (there are a lot of german officers named Walther apparently?) plays a defense card to help out.

Up north you can see I am moving the 389th closer and closer. I would like to make a counter offensive and take Woltzchanks

Ok, back to decide whether or not to be aggressive down south or pass the turn

I can’t help myself and decide to be aggressive. Cross your fingers

I win!! and I do some unit adjustment. I’m hoping that my attacks in the South cause the Soviets to back off their offensive, then rock them in the north and counter attack in the middle.

I play my cards and this is the map before I pass my turn:

And this is what it looks like when the Soviets have moved

It’s not as bad this time, they do a lot of re-positioning and only make a few attacks. It seems like they are trying to get to Chugulev now.

Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 2

Where we last left our Nazi heroes:

They were threatened by the giant Soviet doom stack consisting of the 21st and 270th in the middle making its way seemingly towards Krasnograd.

In fact, the whole middle looks like it may explode with Red forces any minute. I need to think of something and quick.

So I decide on bombing and attacking the 270th to cut off the 21st tank division

I barely win.. phew

I move the 23rd and 3rd down to the middle for support.

I also move down the security forces from OKH to protect the HQ at Krasnograd

Onto the south:

As you can see, the 100th, 60th, 97th, and 384th are about to put a boot in that ass (I hope, i’m getting cocky and that is probably bad)

I start with the 100th

Arty bombed and attacked

Yup, too cocky

After the failed attack, I decide that i’ll use the 100th to attack the 333rd and the 97th to attack the 335th

Here is the result:

The 100th lost, but the 60th pushed back the 51. I make some movements up north because I plan on taking the town next. I hope.

Onto the next front:

The 226th, you hex, give it to me.

The attack is successful and we end up with this after moving some units around

I play some entrench cards as well. This is the map before I pass the turn:

And this is it after I pass the turn.

Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 1 Part 2

Alright I am back with part 2 of turn 1. I will deal with the south first

I see that the 51st is the weakest link. Plus it has a road and a railroad, so I am thinking if I cut them off there I can disrupt something at least. I will attack them.

From the forums and AARs i’ve read, as always, Arty and Air first before attack.

I should point out that I don’t know what those little numbers mean by the way, if someone could tell me i’d greatly appreciate it (They are unit integrity, which means something like unit strength)

The bombing is done and I remember players using cards, so I will have Mackensen take charge of a unit for a spirited attack. Vic (Lead developer) by the way if you ever read this, can you put in a button that lets you review the battles that have taken place on your turn just to see them? Like a history button? Thanks <3

Ok the card is played and we will attack

Only one group can attack and I don’t know why but here we go

Luckily I win.

Here is where I screw up a lot in this game, movement. As you see I messed up and now the 51st can do whatever

As you see from my previous screenshot, i moved the up the 14th and now I attack again, I am trying to encircle them or at least cut their line in half. I dunno. I’m the worst general ever.

I win and split the 14th up to encircle or at least screw up their southern line. I think this is a tactic!

I also eye their 106th

And just tell myself, you know what. They are weak there. why not. I think i’m being to aggressive. But I want to slow them down somehow.

I miss the screenshot but I end up out of AP (Action Points which are required to move and attack) and retreat.

I think i’ll leave the south alone. Time to do something up north.

As we go north, I see the Soviets have the advantage.

So I will just move the 44th down and wait for their 124th to abuse me on their turn.

I am boned here and I know it. So I will prepare my defenses as best as I can

I move up the various units and use my HQ cards to entrench. I hope this works

This is the map before I pass the turn:

I pass the turn and here is what the Soviets do

Decisive Campaigns:Case Blue – 2nd Kharkov Turn 1 Part 1

This AAR was featured in the Matrix forums under “The “What am I doing wrong AAR” for 2nd Kharkov”

During this time I asked other players for help. The forums are very friendly, so throughout this AAR you will slowly see me getting the hang of things and MAYBE win!? The AAR was completed today and if you googled it you’ll find the results, but I wanted to post them here. It’s literally a coming of age story as I progress through the AAR. I’m quite proud of it.

Lets begin:

I will be playing the AI on these settings.

I will be Germany.

Before we go any further this is what happened during 2nd Kharkov

The Second Battle of Kharkov, so named by Wilhelm Keitel,[8] was an Axis counter-offensive against the Red Army Izium bridgehead offensive conducted 12–28 May 1942, on the Eastern Front during World War II. Its objective was to eliminate the Izium bridgehead (Russian: Изюмский плацдарм) over Seversky Donets, or the “Barvenkovo bulge” (Russian: Барвенковский выступ) which was one of the Soviet offensive’s staging areas. After a successful winter counter-offensive that drove German troops away from Moscow, and also depleted the Red Army’s reserves, the Kharkov offensive was a new Soviet attempt to expand upon their strategic initiative, although it failed to secure a significant element of surprise.

On 12 May 1942, Soviet forces under the command of Marshal Semyon Timoshenko launched an offensive against the German 6th Army from a salient established during the winter counter-offensive. After initial promising signs, the offensive was stopped by German counterattacks. Critical errors by several staff officers, and by Joseph Stalin himself, who failed accurately to estimate the 6th Army’s potential and overestimated their own newly trained forces, led to a successful German pincer attack which cut off advancing Soviet troops from the rest of the front.

Because it was a Soviet surprise attack, they go first.

Turn 1 Soviets

As you can see they have decimated my line

My plan is to close that pocket of advance in the middle and push them back for this turn.

Ok so my first goal is to close that gap

So I will use a combination attack of arty, air power to weaken the 253 stack and then attack with the 62nd and 108.

I’m not sure which are the bombers. I think they are the fat planes so I will pick those.

Ok here we go

I lost the screen shot of the results unfortunately and don’t know how to get them back, but this is me moving into position to attack that stack now that they have been artyed and aired

This is what i’m attacking with…

Here we go

Somehow I win. I am happy

I cut them off, but I am a little mad at myself because of the empty hexes I leave the AI with. Also you can see that I made a few strategic transfers.

Now onto my second problem

The 337th is advancing and I need to stop that.

I decide to close that gap by attacking the 337th hex with 2 units

Arty and Air attack again, no need to show that. Except I realize I have no Arty. The air units do okay and its time to attack

I attack with this and cross my fingers

I win and cut them off.

In the mean time. I have more options to address this turn which are:

What the hell do I do with the bottom

And the top