A tweet that inspired a post regarding white privilege

I wasn’t planning on writing today, or maybe I was, who knows. My left arm has been doing weird things like being super numb and every place I call (CVS pharmacy, Hospital of Pennsylvania) has been kinda rude when I ask them questions about it.

But this isn’t about that. It’s about this:

The truth

I’ve kept quiet recently about the murders of those NYC police officers, mainly because i’ve been focusing on having a positive mood for the holidays.

I may have made posts like “They were no angels” to mock what The News have all said about the men and women that the police have murdered throughout the month (or months). But thats it really.

But this tweet really got to me because it’s true.

When the murders happened, NOW WAS THE TIME TO GET SERIOUS. The police blamed Mayor Diblasio for this and calls for his resignation because he allowed protests regarding the police murderering women and men of color.

Even House Negro Obama made a statement… again asking us to “reflect” (his favorite thing to do apparently), and even he’s getting blame from psychopaths like Rudy Giuliani, who said Obama told everyone to hate the Police when Obama has just been sitting on his hands and farting around doing nothing.

When the police are murdered, EVERYONE CARES. THEY WERE HEROES. No one digs into their backstories like they do for the people of color who were murdered by police. And they blame non-violent protesters for this.

I don’t know the officers who were murdered, but I do respect the dead, however, they were no angels.

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