I’ll be back this Monday. I swear!! Here are my excuses.

This is something i’ve said many times, but I will be writing again starting Monday.

Let me explain why the hiatus.

First of all I had went home to New York to spend Christmas with my mommykins and brother. So it was kind of a bad time to start the blog again, still no excuse though. Then I had a Klonopin withdrawal while in New York. The idea was that I knew I was running out of klonopin when I went to New York, but the CVS jerks were like “Hey you can totes refill it there brah.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t… because, and consider this a service message for people on serious medication like klonopin.

Drug laws change state by state

which I didn’t know. So in order to get a refill of klonopin, according to New York State, I had to get a NEW prescription… on Christmas Eve… from a doctor.

The CVS pharmacist wasn’t very nice, seeing as how I could have died or gone into a coma, etc etc… so I had to stick it out and through some miracle I ended up with klonos before I went completely crazy, but at that time, I was in no condition to write, unless you wanted me to write what the voices in my head were telling me and how the shadow people looked.

Then I had to recover… then I spent the rest of my time hanging out with my mom. It was nice. I was a very troublesome kid growing up, so it was nice to just be around her and laugh with her and watch Family “Dat Ass” Feud among other things. Actually, scratch that… I was troublesome until… 32 minus when Obama ran minus 1 – 2 years…. so… 24.. Let’s go with 24. I’ll tell you about my fun exploits of drugs, alcoholism, and other terrible things later when they become relevant.

Anyway, I came back to Philadelphia on the 5th, and since then i’ve been pretty depressed over more black men and women being killed by police officers and the media ignoring the NAACP bombing and kind of lazy and angry.

I also had to do real life things, like check on my disability eligibility, which the nice lady said takes around 180 days minimum, which means a year in real time, called for SSI since I have no income and live on the charity of others, and called nelnet to get a deferment on my student loans since I am disabled and more importantly so I wouldn’t get sued by the University of Pennsylvania, which has money from shit like slavery and Benjamin Franklin, for money I don’t have.

So that’s what has happened these past two weeks. I am going to take my baclofen, because I went to CVS to get my drugs and even though its three streets away, it took an hour, so i’m in pain and then wake up at 3:30 to walk Jace. Then work on making him a Service Dog, because I know he hates being alone in the house… I would too. I do hate being alone in general, and without him I am.

Anyhoo, I’ll be back writing about serious issues on Monday. I wish you all love, peace, and blessings!