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You have to. Like. You must. It’s the spiritual sequel to Planescape: Torment, one of the best, if not the best CRPG of all time. 20 bucks gets you a REAL RPG with a great story and no sexism or forced sex scenes and that crap. Do it!

What does one life matter? Do our lives matter at all, or are they meaningless? What legacy do we leave behind? These are age-old questions, and they’re not easily answered—especially in a setting like Numenera’s Ninth World, where the inhabitants wander through the rubble of forgotten ancients who must have felt that their lives mattered, too.

That’s our primary theme: What does one life matter? We’re going to help you tell a story, and in the end you’ll have explored your answer to this question. You might decide that one life is the most important thing in the world, if it’s the right life. You might decide that a life means nothing, though Life itself has meaning. You might decide that Life has no value at all. We won’t force you toward a specific answer in your search. But we will force you to think.

Torment’s second theme also rises naturally from Numenera’s setting: abandonment. Whether the abandonment of place, of life, of children, or of will, we’ll explore what abandonment really means and how it affects the unfortunates in its wake. You can help those you encounter (including your companions) make that choice, and you’ll also make it for yourself. That choice will be part of your legacy.

And last, we come to mystery. You enter the game as you enter the world: newborn and ignorant, and you must find your truths, the answers that fit your journey best. Those around you might help you, hinder you, or hurt you. But why? What drives them? What drives you? It is this search for meaning that leads you into the deeper questions, and you’ll uncover even stranger mysteries as you delve into the heart of your being.

A Look at Elemental: Fallen Enchantress

I hadn’t played Fallen Enchantress for a couple of months for them to work out some bugs and add new stuff. The latest 1.3 patch worked out some bugs and added new stuff but also added new bugs. Overall, it’s an okay game. It was planned to be a review because I spent so much time with it before, but 1.3 changed a lot and I didn’t want to fully review it until I got used to it. Thus, it changed into a Quick Look that isn’t so quick. If it’s on sale, i’d buy it if you love the genre. It’s mostly tactical combat still, but I need a few more hours with it before I really am able to judge it fairly.