This is an amazing video, so much show i’m writing about it and not just facebook sharing

i hate hokey anti-racist ads a lot because they’re dumb and erase the person of their agency of being what culture and background they come from. This includes the fact they act like whites living in poverty doesn’t exist, which it does, and we need to change that for all living in poverty, but check this out. You won’t regret it. OBN Approved

Song 17

At first I wanted to put this song up because i grew up with this and watching the movie so many times and smooth criminal is probably one of my fav michael jackson songs, but I know there’s a documentary out that’s like.. he was guilty, but i want to wait for Oprah’s thing she’s doing. black folk, we all think he’s innocent, it’s such a weird thing but it’s because maybe we don’t want to, or maybe he didn’t and had a childhood so fucked up that as an adult, he could finally live in the childhood he wanted, which is what I believe. His dad was an asshole.

why are all dads assholes, you never hear,”oh that mom is an asshole”


my beliefs

i haven’t really said the things i believe in and want to do besides “help people” , but I want to do things like immigration laws and fight for those kids in the concentration camps, and work on income inequality and equality, i want to fight for the right for people to be able to choose their genders or if they feel like it, no gender, to be able to live their lives stress free. I want to do things like that and much more.

I didn’t say these things because i wanted people to read my site but i’d rather live in my truth

week 2 of prep!

Before we even talk I thought I would be making this song of the day, but it was before lsat prep and i wasn’t toke, but that invalidates The Rule of “The Song’,

Dope? Okay, cool. So today was the second week of 2 lsat prep too, and i promise,  i will have the teacher saying “fuck what you think Chris” or something like that on video this week i hope!

I got the message. i have to put aside my thoughts on law and legality and society aside and think like a dick lawyer because dick law school students wrote the test. I need in their townclub first and break the wheel from even there. I’ll do it because I need to become a lawyer to help others in need. I posted this great AOC thing she wrote up because i feel like i have that story too…. flunked out of college, stock market job, alcoholism and world of warcraft for a year and a half and cigarettes, oh the cigarettes, to community college, to ivy league, to communications director, to disabled to divorced to back home to trying to get into law school to fight for equality for all. i’ll go


incognegro. *puts on shades*

The reason I thought of the song, it was because i came from nothing in the south bronx to what i’m going to become and thats how i’m going to show people

Song 16

okay originally this wasn’t going to be the song but i thought the song while i wasn’t toke so it doesn’t really count AS the song, but i just thought of this song right now outside, so by rule, the song has to be THE song.

I picked Tori Amos because oh man when i was younger and even now and forever, I’ve been a Tori Amos fan. And some of y’all are gonna like yo… obn, my man, Tori Amos and i’ll proudly say hell yeah and try to wear my now too tiny tori amos concert t shirt.


PS: I FINALLY was wrong about the song number the first time tho, it’s been like over 2 weeks, not bad. not bad




it’s  like weird, but it’s supposed to be like

“the ambient sounds, including the audience coughing and moving around in their chairs, is the music. At least, that’s the composer, John Cage’s reasoning.”

And it’s kinda nice and artistic. but like if you randomly had no background you’d be like wtf.

I dream of living somewhere silent. i’ve lived in cities or suburb city all my life. i want my cabin with internet near a lake making jars of jam in vermont with my wife

I had so much to write

But I can’t remember. I think I need the voice recorder on the whole time because I wanted to say some dope shit but i forgot 🙁

went to physical therapy, didn’t stare and day dream, well i did but i tried my best. I think i remember what i wanted to say oh yeah so it’s like this

my lsat prep teacher replied to my crazy rantings in email i won’t post but just imagine it’s depressing

“”You have no claim to moral superiority because “you have to help those in need.””

Like all I said is that i want to be a lawyer for civil rights and social justice but wasn’t trying to claim moral superiority, i was just saying that because that’s one of the best ways to change society for the better. then he goes

“If you wish to “help those in need” as a lawyer, you must reason as a lawyer reasons.”

What the fuck man. You don’t know me? why are you sarcastic quoting those in need, are you a trump voter, nigga? come on man you know what i’m talking about i should slap him irl tomorrow. i just replied in a curtly and business like response. but i thought he was one of the good dudes… maybe it was interpreted wrong? I know what people in need are, and becoming a lawyer to change laws that helps their lives for the better is by being a lawyer